🎁$RUNES rewards

How will I be able to get my $RUNES rewards then ?

  • $RUNES will be distributed to holders of the NFTs over time, rewarding long-term holding, with a halving scheduled defined by the community.

  • For the first 30 days following the drop, holders of NFTs will accrue $RUNES on a daily basis as per the schedule below.

  • After the first 30 days, a Holding Factor will be introduced to reward long term holders of the NFTs. Basically, each time an NFT is sold, the clock will reset and daily rewards will increase linearly for 30 days at which point it will be considered long term again. This mechanism is designed to discourage flippers while remaining fair to the community at large. The parameters will be controlled by the DAO over time.

n = number of days since the NFT has been in the wallet

  • P2E Game : Holders of NFTs featured in the video game will accrue $RUNES every time it is used in battle or other forms of in-game rewards to be defined over time.

  • Movie Appearance : Holders of NFTs featured in The Sanctum Movie will accrue $RUNES per second the character appears in the movie.

How to spend my $RUNES rewards in the ecosystem ?

Use cases will be left to the DAO to validate, but the Sanctum Team has a few suggestions :

  • Grimoire Auctions: Use $RUNES to participate in auctions for NFT offerings through the Grimoire

  • Movie Auctions: Tipping in $RUNES to increase chances of a given NFT to be selected to participate in the movie and for how long

  • Burn Priority: Tipping in $RUNES to be able to burn faster

  • Potions & Artifacts: Use $RUNES to purchase Potions and Artifact

  • New mints: Options offered to mint new NFTs will be against $RUNES

  • Airdrops Redeemable/claim

  • MarketPlace: Use $RUNES within the marketplace

  • P2E in game economy: The official currency of the P2E game economy will be $RUNES, including for the in-game marketplace but also for other operations liked to $RUNES like borrowing and lending.

  • Merchandising

  • Whitelist

  • Upgrades

  • And a lot more!

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